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About Swim Places

Top Rated IEA - Internet Effectiveness Awards Czech RepublicSwimPlaces is community driven project which maps tips for good swimming all around the world. We don't want to create a global map of aquaparks but more likely to offer handy tool for finding a nice swimming place nearby you. You can find commercial spots or pools but we prefer nature swimming - lakes, rivers, beaches etc.

Made by COEX.

& Skoumal

About authors

Beside the fact that we like swimming we launched this project because we are new technologies entuziasist. We love innovation, crowd-sourcing, startups and everything connected. If you have any suggestions or want to participate, don't hesitate to contact us!

Big thanks to translators

  • G. P. Sietzema
  • O. Mann
  • T. Bordier
  • H. A. Camargo
  • C. Laué
  • T. Вознюк
  • M. Opršal
  • V. Pilmaierová